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Basic Services
Handwritten Wedding Calligraphy

Outer and inner envelope
Outer envelope only
Place cards
Table numbers

Other Wedding Calligraphy Services

For a truly one of a kind look, we can custom design and hand letter your entire
wedding  package:  invitation, reply cards and envelopes, and reception cards as
well as menus, wine lists and seating charts.

We will design a draft in your choice of lettering style and send for your approval.  
Upon your acceptance, we will prepare a camera-ready version that you will take to
your printer or letterpress professional.

Please note that a non-refundable 50% deposit is due to begin your design and
balance will be due before delivery/shipment.

A General Timeline
for Custom Wedding Calligraphy

1) As soon as wedding date, time and place are decided, the text for the invitation,
reply card, reception card and return address is sent to calligrapher.

2) The set is designed and approved.   Allow 3-4 weeks.  Camera-ready copies
delivered to client.

3) Package is printed or letterpressed and envelopes returned to calligrapher for
addressing by one month before mailing date.

4) Menu and wine list to calligrapher by 6 weeks prior to ceremony.  Camera-ready
copies delivered to client by 4 weeks prior.

5) Place card list to calligrapher by 3 weeks prior to ceremony.  Delivered to client
by 1 week prior.